The 2nd Skin Co. life

The firm

The 2nd Skin Co. is a fashion brand created by Antonio Burillo and Juan Carlos Fernández, both with a long background in the fashion business. Bound by an aesthetic complementarity and partners by passion, they created the company in 2006, obtaining a wide coverage in the press, that had been waiting for this stealthy appearance with high expectations. The 2nd Skin Co. is proud to present 2nd LAB by the 2nd Skin Co.

“We are delighted and extremely excited with launching this newly created concept. We are always keen to take on new challenges. With 2nd LAB we want to reach out to a younger target, to women who pay attention to fashion trends meticulously and search sophistication and uniqueness at any time of the day”.

The 2nd Skin Co. is now launching 2nd LAB as a second line with collections that are luxury casual and inspired by modern street style trends. 2ND LAB is a new concept defined by a fresh design, contemporary and multifaceted on what respects the garments and a great fit in the urban environment. Of course, everything gravitates around our very distinct and most essential brand attribute, "femininity".