Madrid Resort 2017

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Madrid Resort 2017

“The Resort 17 collection is inspired by the city and it displays the urban look so characteristic of our second line 2ND LAB by The 2ND SKIN CO. The collection combines organza, cotton poplin and denim which was included for the first time in the 10 years of history of the brand, to achieve a variety of looks that perfectly blends casual, elegant, cool and fresh fashion.

Features that recall THE 2ND SKIN CO SS17 collection are visible and adapted to the contemporary and day-look of the jumpsuits, mini and long dresses, shirts and trousers.

The main tones of the collection are blue, white and a floral print that combines pink and orange."

- Juan Carlos Fernández & Antonio Burillo. THE 2ND SKIN CO.

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  1. Mini dress
  2. Midi dress
  3. Top
  4. Shirt
  5. Skirt
  6. Trousers
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  1. blue
  2. blue-light
  3. gold
  4. orange
  5. pink
  6. red
  7. white
  8. yellow
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