resort 2016

Resort 2016

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Resort 2016

We have engaged in the decisive and exciting adventure to create four collections a year with great joy.

The Resort 16 collection reveals freshness, versatility and urban mood, and of course one of our legacy trademarks: femininity.

With powdered soft hues of pink and navy blues, this collection and its colours is an extension of our current 2015 Autumn Winter collection, Warming.

The flower Jacquard with lurex threads is the leading fabric and we played with it, using it for both sides to give a completely different look to each piece.

The tweed with small sequins embroidery or batiste cotton fabric are perfect for the day. For the cocktail and evening, Mikado, Cadys and natural silk satins.

Bows, ruffles and blouses necks are important details and elements that we have created for this collection.

Enthusiasm, creativity and passion: now is the time.

Many of these items may appear as "Out Of Stock" but we still might be able to fulfil your order in most cases.

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