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2nd-lab.fashion is a portal reserved to authorized users of 2nd-lab.fashion (hereafter the Users) where the latter can buy clothes and accessories from the fashion brand THE 2ND SKIN CO. The access and usage of this Web implies the agreement and approval of the following Terms and Conditions of 2nd-lab.fashion.

Access to and registration at 2nd-lab.fashion

In order to be a registered customer at 2nd-lab.fashion, a person must be at least be 18 years old.

Browsing the site can be done either by being a registered customer (having filled truthfully all the mandatory fields in the registration form) or simply being a guest customer (a.k.a anonymous customer, with no profile).

The User guarantees that all the information she or he will have submitted to 2nd-lab.fashion is true and exact.

2nd-lab.fashion will provide each registered User a (username) and a password (password). The username and the password are strictly confidential. The User accepts not to share them or put them at anyone else’s reach. The User will be sole responsible in case the username and password are used by a third person. Thus, the User will bear responsibility for any statement made on the web or any other action taken using his username and password. The User will keep 2nd-lab.fashion indemnified and harmless against any legal actions or legal suits from third parties being a direct or indirect result of the use of her or his username and password. 2nd-lab.fashion is not capable of verifying the identity of its registered users, and hence will not be liable for the improper use of the identity of a registered user by non-registered third parties. The User guarantees that she or he will immediately notify 2nd-lab.fashion for the theft, divulgation or loss of her or his username or password.

A registration on 2nd-lab.fashion implies an acceptance to receive commercial communications from THE 2ND SKIN CO. These communications will be duly identified as such and will present the option to opt-out.

The User will also be liable for the correctness and veracity of the information she or he may have provided about third parties, as well as for having the appropriate permissions and authorizations from these third parties in order to share that information with 2nd-lab.fashion. In particular, the User will have the consent from the people he may refer to 2nd-lab.fashion as potential Users (guests) so 2nd-lab.fashion can contact them directly. 2nd-lab.fashion will use these contacts exclusively to send emails informing their owners about THE 2ND SKIN CO.’s services.

Use of 2nd-lab.fashion by Users

Once registered, the User will be able to access 2nd-lab.fashion for free and with no limitation in time.

2nd-lab.fashion’s liabilities

The2ndskincio.com follows the european norms as transposed under the form of spanish laws: Ley de Servicios de las Sociedad de la Información y de Comercio Electrónica (Law for the Information Society Services and eCommerce, LSSI-CE 34/2002) and the Ley General de Defensa de Consumidores y Usuarios (General Law of Customers and Users Defence, RD 1/2007).

The service provided by 2nd-lab.fashion consist in enabling its visitors to buy clothes and accessories designed, produced and distributed by THE 2ND SKIN CO. Theéndskinco.com deals with the payment, the shipment as well as the returns on behalf of THE 2ND SKIN CO.


2nd-lab.fashion handles returns of purchased items, following the policy that you can read on our Returns page.


The2ndskinco offers a Customer Service (hello@2nd-lab.fashion) that deals with any complaint from its visitors. 2nd-lab.fashion will try to its best to solve any problem and clarify any doubt it may receive.

2nd-lab.fashion has neither the technical capacity nor the legal obligation to identify its visitos when they connect to the site. Neither is the Web responsible for overseeing the opinions posted by users under their own responsibility. 2nd-lab.fashion is not responsible for the lack of veracity of statements made by its users.

Users’ liablilities

Users shall respect all the legal property rights of 2nd-lab.fashion, of other Users or of third parties regarding content published on the site 2nd-lab.fashion.

Users accept not to publish or spread any false or illegal information or content. Users accept not to divulge injurious, defamatory or any other type of statements or contents that may damage or infringe the rights of third persons. It is strictly forbidden to publish on 2nd-lab.fashion insulting, humiliating, obscene, offensive, violent, political, racist, xenophobic or in general, all sort of inappropriate or contrary to 2nd-lab.fashion, to the law or to the good habits, contents or statements. All contents, archives or public statements published on the web by a User will remain under her or his sole responsibility.

Users accept to use 2nd-lab.fashion respecting the present Terms and Conditions. The infringement to these Terms and Conditions will entitle 2nd-lab.fashion to terminate its contract with the User and cancel the latter’s access to the site, without prejudice of the right of 2nd-lab.fashion to demand a compensation for the losses and damages caused by the infringement.

Price and payment

Access to 2nd-lab.fashion is free for all users.

The products offered in 2nd-lab.fashion all have an final price (VAT included) visibly associated price. As the user adds products to her shopping cart, the list will be updated as well as the total purchase price.

At the time when the user decides to checkout, 2nd-lab.fashion will apply the shipping costs as described on the following Shipments page which are dependent on the location of the user and the method of shipment.

Intelectual Property

SECONDS COLLECTION, S.L. owns the intellectual and industrial property rights of the portal 2nd-lab.fashion.com, as well as of all the contents accessible on its portal.

The authorization to enter 2nd-lab.fashion.com does not imply any total or partial renunciation, transmission, license or assignment of the intellectual or industrial property of 2nd-lab.fashion.

It is not allowed to delete, elude or manipulate in any way the contents of 2nd-lab.fashion.com, the copyright signs or any other kind of identification of the rights held by 2nd-lab.fashion (or any other rightholder) on any contents, the technical devices used for protection, the digital fingerprints or any other sort of mechanism of information and/or identification that may be added to protect or identify the contents.

Additionally, it is forbidden to modify, copy, reuse, exploit, reproduce, publicly communicate, do second or further publications, upload archives, send by email, transmit, use, process or broadcast under any format, partially or completely, the contents included in 2nd-lab.fashion.com, for public or commercial purposes, unless agreed otherwise in writing with 2nd-lab.fashion or, if it applies, the owner of the corresponding rights.

The brand, the logo, the pictures, the images, the multimedia files, the texts and any other type of content of 2nd-lab.fashion.com belonging to SECONDS COLLECTION, S.L. or any third party that may publish content at 2nd-lab.fashion’s site are the intellectual property of 2nd-lab.fashion and/or of its authors and can not be reproduced or exploited by any media without the explicit authorization from 2nd-lab.fashion and/or its authors or owners.

It is forbidden to copy, reproduce, modify, publicly communicate, or share by any means or procedure the pages of 2nd-lab.fashion.com, as well as the code or the applications of the site 2nd-lab.fashion.

The users authorize 2nd-lab.fashion to exploit the contents that they may have submitted to or created in the site, so that this content can be added and published on 2nd-lab.fashion.com. They also authorize 2nd-lab.fashion to reproduce, share, publicly communicate and/or transform it so it can be used in 2nd-lab.fashion’s advertising campaigns by advertising agencies or 2nd-lab.fashion itself, on any medium, bearer or support.

2nd-lab.fashion is authorized to modify all the contents submitted by the Users in order to adapt them to the format, the design or any other characteristic of the web 2nd-lab.fashion.com, under 2nd-lab.fashion’s own criteria.

Links to 2nd-lab.fashion

Anyone interested in linking her or his site to 2nd-lab.fashion.com will have to comply with the following requirements:

  • the link will be directed to 2nd-lab.fashion’s Homepage, unless having been agreed otherwise in writing with 2nd-lab.fashion.
  • the link has to be absolute and complete, that is, it must lead the User, with a click, to the 2nd-lab.fashion URL http://www.2nd-lab.fashion.com and 2nd-lab.fashion’s content must occupy the whole width and height of the home page of 2nd-lab.fashion, on the screen. Under no circumstances, unless having been agreed otherwise in writing with 2nd-lab.fashion, will the referring site reproduce the site 2nd-lab.fashion.com, under any form, include it as part of its web or insert it inside its frames or create a browser with any of the pages of 2nd-lab.fashion
  • On the referring page, there will not be any statement declaring that 2nd-lab.fashion authorized this referral unless agreed otherwise in writing with 2nd-lab.fashion. If the referrer correctly linked 2nd-lab.fashion from her or his page and wishes to include 2nd-lab.fashion’s brand, logo, trade mark, commercial name, slogan or any other element of 2nd-lab.fashion’s identity and/or of 2nd-lab.fashion.com, she or he will need 2nd-lab.fashion’s explicit and written authorization.
  • 2nd-lab.fashion does not accept being linked from web pages that may contain illicit, illegal, degrading, obscene or in general, against the moral, the public order or the generally accepted social norms content, information or material.

Responsability and warranties

2nd-lab.fashion does not provide software, hardware or Internet access services. The User is responsible for having the equipment and the services required to browse Internet and to access 2nd-lab.fashion.com. 2nd-lab.fashion.com is prepared to work fine with the most popular browsers and configurations. The access to 2nd-lab.fashion.com may require certain specifications or the configuration of certain parameters on the equipment, the browser, a firewall, an antivirus or a proxy. In case of any incidence or difficulty to access 2nd-lab.fashion.com, the User may get in contact with the technical support team of the2ndskinco. com (hello@whatever2nd-lab.fashion). The team will analyze the incidence and help the User solving his problem as soon as possible.

2nd-lab.fashion will not be held responsible for service interruptions, connection errors, downtimes, Internet network access problems or for any other reason beyond 2nd-lab.fashion’s control. 2nd-lab.fashion holds the right to interrupt temporarily the access to its site in order to perform web maintenance, application installations, upgrades, updates, enhancements on the content, on the code, on the design or any other similar cause. Whenever possible, 2nd-lab.fashion will inform its users about the planned maintenance jobs with a reasonable anticipation.

2nd-lab.fashion will not be responsible for the precision or legality of the information or content provided by its users. 2nd-lab.fashion does not warrant that the links to other web sites or URL work correctly. It does not warrant either, the truth, veracity or legality of the contents, ads, products, services or any other element available on those sites or via those links.

2nd-lab.fashion does not have the capacity, the resources or the technical means to know, control, approve the information, the contents, the products or the services proposed by other web sites that may be linked to 2nd-lab.fashion.com, included, but not limited to, about its functioning, the access, the data, the information, the archives, the quality and the reliability of its products and services, its own links and/or any of its contents, in general.

2nd-lab.fashion will not be responsible for the direct or indirect harm caused to any User unless it is caused by wilful infringement (dolus) or gross negligence (culpa gravis) from Tte2ndskinco.com, and as long as the behavior of the User may not have contributed to causing this damage.

Opt out

A 2nd-lab.fashion User will be entitled to terminate her or his contract at any moment. The unsubscription will be effective from the moment 2nd-lab.fashion confirms it to the User. 2nd-lab.fashion will delete all the User’s data and record.

2nd-lab.fashion will be entitled to deny access to its web site, on a provisional or definitive basis, to a User.

2nd-lab.fashion follows a privacy policy that you can find on the following Privacy page.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

The present Access Conditions are governed by the Laws of Spain. In order to solve any conflict related to the interpretation of the present conditions, or the relationship between 2nd-lab.fashion and the Users, the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of the city of Madrid, and expressly waive their right to any other venue.


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